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Pre- Emergence Fertilizer and or Organic Fertilizer Products

When the soil temperature gets to around 55 degrees its time to add Pre-Emergence for Crabgrass seed control. If you do it to early or to late, your control won’t be effective. An old adage was to apply when Forysthia yellow flowers start to bloom.

We will be glad to give you some other hints. Like when to seed and when to Fertilizer your shrubs and with what product.

We can also help you with your Fertilization Programs in most locations in and around Camden, Gloucester, Burlington County.

We have 4 step and 5 step and 6 step Programs available.

We are licensed in 3A and 3B Turf and Ornamental applications with the D.E.P.

Organic Fertilizer is available for an new product called Hologanic and using Corn Gluten for weeds, ask about how it works.

Some notes for your reading:

What do the 3 numbers mean?

There are 3 numbers on every bag of fertilizer (no matter which type of fertilizer). Example: 29-3-4, 10-10-10, 15-30-15, 5-10-10, etc.

These 3 numbers represent the 3 key ingredients (plant foods needed by the plants) in the bags. The numbers are N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium). They will always be in that order.

Nitrogen makes plants grow (lush green foliage, green grass, etc).

Phosphorus helps plants flower and vegetables set fruit.

Potassium is used by all plants for general health and it also is used for flowering/fruiting.

Use this guideline:
- fertilizers with numbers that are equal or where the two latter number (phosphorus and potassium) are larger, are to be used for flowering plants and fruits.

Examples: 10-10-10, 20-20-20, 14-14-14, 15-30-15, 5-10-10. You would not use a fertilizer like 29-3-4 for flowers/vegetables.
- fertilizers with numbers that have a larger first number are to be used for foliage plants (green plants) and for grass - usually grass. Examples: 29-3-4, 20-5-10, etc