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Seasonal Planting Tips

Spring Tips

Clean up the leftover leaves, sticks, and weeds and plant Pansies for Spring color!

Now is the time to:

  • Spread our new HOLGANIX Organic Fertilizer on all lawns, trees, and shrubs.
  • Spread slow-acting, granular fertilizer.
  • Aerate your lawn to treat the compacted soil.
  • Mulch & edge your beds!
  • Sharpen mower blades.
  • Add a pre-emergence, such as Preen, to your bed before you mulch. This helps weed suppression!

Summer Tips

Water heavy ALL shrubs, flowers, and trees and anything newly planted 2-3 times a week.

Water lawns and flowers every day for a minumum of 25-30 minutes when no rain has occurred and the temperature is over 85 degrees.

Additionally, try not to fertilize if drought conditions have occurred unless you have been irrigating.

Fall Tips

Get Your Lawn Winter Ready...

Leaf cleanup is a necessary but never-ending battle. Leaves left scattered for the winter will smother the lawn. Allow us to winterize your lawn and yard by chopping the falling leaves into nutrient rich powder to keep the lawn growing thicker instead of being shaded and suffocated.

Leaves should be blown from landscaped beds, window wells, shrubs and hard surfaces onto the lawn. Lawns are then mulched and vacuumed and excess leaves hauled away.

Winter Tips

November is the best month to plant Winter Pansies, and bulbs such as Tulips and Daffodils. Utilize bone meal for fertilization on most bulb plantings and good composted soil. For winter pansies mulch 2-4" deep.

Create-A-Scape can purchase, deliver, install and maintain all of your winter planting needs.

Also, remember to shrub fertilize your plants at this time in the season using a 14-14-14 mixture for deciduous material or use Hollytone for evergreens.

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